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NetXpress Dial-Up Accellerator

NetXpress is our dial-up accelerator service, which enables you to get up to 7X faster Internet from your dial-up connection.

If you want faster Internet but can’t get high speed – get NetXpress for Windows and Macintosh. You can speed up your internet by up to 7X and have way more fun online – NetXpress is now bundled with all of our dial-up plans, so you just need to be a subscriber to take advantage of this product.

Not a Net Idea customer? No problem. Joining Secure by Design is easy. Just call our office and we will set you up with an account right away. You can use NetXpress with either of our Discovery or Unlimited packages and as always, your connection is backed by the friendly, professional service we’re famous for.

Why use NetXpress?

  • Runs seamlessly after you’ve dialed up
  • Lets you specify the image quality and in turn the speed of surfing
  • View detailed compression statistics
  • Easily customize your own settings
  • Includes a pop-up advertising blocker

“I tried NetXpress, and I am quite impressed with it. I found the installation very easy to use and quite straight forward. I found the program’s interface easy to use too. It is well laid out and easy to understand. Overall it did make going through websites faster and pictures downloaded faster, I usually spend a lot of time waiting, but with NetXpress it was faster.”

– Deb from Salmo