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How NetXpress Works

The NetXpress solution enables SBD to deliver data services over our existing dial-up network at up to 7 times the normal speed. Using a patented proprietary data compression technology, the NetXpress solution is able to increase the capacity of existing network infrastructure by significantly reducing bandwidth consumption.

System Overview

The NetXpress Accelerator Server retrieves data from the requested external web server using a high-speed Internet connection, then compresses and optimizes the content for the last mile trip. The Accelerator Server optimizes the traffic over the HTTP, POP3 and SMTP protocols.

The Accelerator Server is located at our office. This allows users to achieve dramatic acceleration.

The NetXPress platform is comprised of two components: a scalable, high-performance, configurable content acceleration server and a lightweight client software application.

These two components communicate over an accelerated bandwidth channel, resulting in significant performance gains and bandwidth requirement reduction.

NetXPress Client

Single-click Web Browsing

The NetXPress PC Client application allows single-click access to the Internet. The user is not required to configure any proxy settings or start multiple applications.

To launch NetXPress, end-users simply double-click on the NetXPress desktop icon. If desired, end-users can even access both the NetXPress web browser and a regular, non-accelerated web browser simultaneously.

Lightweight Design

The NetXPress PC Client installation is a lightweight, self-extracting, distributable package allowing fast web distribution of the product. The full-featured client application installer is less than 1MB (around 840KB).

Powerful User Controls

The NetXPress PC Client features powerful content customization options. This includes intuitive image quality management as well as content filtering capabilities.

Comprehensive Statistical Information

The NetXPress PC Client provides detailed information on the compression being achieved, in real-time. The information is provided for both downstream and upstream transactions, as well as specific compression rates for text (HTML), graphics and other types.

Compatibility with Existing Systems

The NetXPress platform works with existing distributed systems, enhancing the systems when speed or bandwidth become issues, but also allows certain “in-house” solutions to be directly accessed. This is done by way of a proxy exclusion list, and the listed sites do not get accelerated.

Windows Platform Support

The NetXPress PC Client installation runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP. The same end-user software package is distributed to all of these Windows desktop platform users without modification.