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Norton Safeweb False Alarm

The Norton Safeweb service is presently identifying our site as having a “Malformed container violation“. Clicking on their link to read about this threat does not contain any useful information.  I am presently exchanging some emails with the staff  at Symantec to determine what the problem is.  It seems to have a problem with our RSS feed, at:

I uploaded the feed file to VirusTotal, an online service that will scan a file using multiple antivirus products.  It did not detect any problems. Neither did AVG’s Linkscanner.  Here are the VirusTotal Reports:

One possibility is that our feeds include some examples of phishing and virus infected emails, which might be the trigger. Or there is an invalid html tag or code in the feed itself.

Unless Norton can produce some concrete evidence of an infection that I can verify with another tool, I am treating this a false alarm.

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