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Spam Control

SBD is pleased to offer a spam (junk e-mail) filtering system free of charge to our internet service customers. Our filtering system will identify and tag spam before it hits your inbox.

Take control!

Our  spam filtering system gives you total control. You can select 3 different aggressiveness levels, or opt out of spam control. You can add the email addresses of friends and associates to a “white list” so they are never tagged as spam. All changes take effect immediately. To edit your spam filter, log in using the Account button located at the top of all pages on our SBD website.

How it works

Our spam control system runs on our mail system and scans all incoming email using a wide variety of tests, including blacklists, and lists of words and phrases. A scoring system is used for each test, so the more tests a message fails, the more likely it is spam. If the message seems to be spam, then the message is tagged, including a report on the criteria used to determine its spam score. Click here for an example.

This makes our spam control system extremely accurate (over 99%), with a very little chance of legitmate mail being identified as spam. Should that happen, our control panel allows you to add that sender to a white list.


To make the most of the SBD’s Spam control, we recommend that you set your e-mail program to automatically file tagged messages into a separate folder, so that you can focus on your important e-mail. Here are the step-by-step instructions for common e-mail software:

For those of you that do not use the programs listed above, here are generic instructions for any mail program that has e-mail controling rules capability:

  1. Create a folder for spam, call it Spam
  2. Create an email controling rule that looks for the phrase Spam Detected in the subject.
  3. Set the rule to save messages with that subject to the Spam folder.

Consult the built-in help function of your e-mail program for specific instructions on creating folders and controlling rules.