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Mail System Outage September 11, 2011

At some point September 11, 2011 our antivirus program for our mail servers suffered a severe failure.  As a protection measure, all inbound email was not processed until antivirus functions were restored.  Antivirus function was restored on September 11, not long after, however, due to the shear volume of mail that had accumulated, our servers have become overloaded as they work to process all the incoming mail.  As load average becomes high, we detect it, and then shunt the data away from the overloaded system to return the load back to normal.  When load average becomes high, services such as sending mail, and webmail become inactive.

If it is not essential for you to check your email, please hold off until noon, September 12.  Otherwise, we are working hard to ensure all mail services can operate as best as possible.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  This should resolve after  our systems fully catch up, and we expect full function to be restored at noon, September 12.

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