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High speed Internet now available in Appledale!

Secure by Design is pleased to announce the availability of high speed Internet on parts of the 226 telephone exchange, covering the Appledale area. The service connects over your phone line at speeds up to 6mbps, many times faster than standard dial-up. Since it uses a land line, our service is not affected by radio interference or weather related problems. You can also use the phone and the Internet at the same time!

The cost for high speead is $40/month + HST. There is an activation fee of $76.50 + tax.

You’ll also need an ADSL modem or gateway. We have modems available for $50 + tax, and wireless gateways for $99 + tax. This is a special introductory rate for customers that upgrade from our dial-up plans.

To see if your phone number qualifies, click here.

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