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Mac OS X – Dial Up Settings

For all Mac OS versions 10.2 and earlier, please call for support.

For OSX 10.3 and later:

Go to Apple Menu, and Choose System Preferences, and Select “Network”. For
10.3 and 10.4, change the “Show” drop down menu to your Modem. (Can be
Internal or External)In 10.5, click on your modem in the Left hand column.

Change the Phone Number provided to the new dial up number (below), complete with
area code. Also, Change your Account Name to include

  • Nelson, Trail, Castlegar: 1-800-553-1802
  • Vancouver, BC: 604-283-1055
  • Calgary, AB: 403-879-1189
  • Edmonton, AB: 780-851-1399

We also have dial up access in communities across Canada. For the complete list, see:

Click the “Apply (Now)” button at the bottom Right.