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Spam Control FAQ

What is SBD spam control?

SBD spam control scans your incoming e-mail to tag annoying and offensive junk mail (spam) before it reaches your mailbox. It is an automatic filtering system that greatly reduces the amount of spam that reaches your Inbox. If an e-mail is determined to be spam, the spam control program identifies the spam to the user by inserting the tag -= spam Detected by Secure by Design =- into the subject line.

What are the different levels of spam control available to me?

SBD’s spam control system gives you total control. You can select 3 different aggressiveness levels, opt out of spam control, and instantly add the email addresses of friends and associates to a white list so they are never tagged as spam. All changes take effect immediately. Simply log in to our control panel to adjust any of the following options:

  1. Filtering Level
  2. White List Management
  3. Turn it Off

1. Filtering Level
There are 3 controlling levels, Low, Medium, and High. Medium should be fine for most people and is the default. Low is really conservative, and will catch the most obvious spam, but will let about 20% more spam through. High will catch more spam, but will also tag more legitimate mail.

2. White List Management
With the white list management feature, you can add and remove email addresses to your white list through a simple form. Mail from email addressess on your white list will never be tagged as spam.

3. Turn it off!
Simply set your controling level to disabled, and your incoming e-mail will not be scanned for spam. All of your e-mail is delivered as usual.

Note: We do not recommend that you turn off our spam filter unless you have one of your own.  You may want to consider setting the spam level to Low instead of turning it off completely.

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Can I change my options more than once?

Yes, the options can be changed as many times as you like. If you have opted out of the service, you can opt back in at anytime by logging in to our control panel. Once you change an option, it is effective immediately.

Does spam control help prevent viruses from infecting to my computer?

Yes, in addition to spam control, we have also implemented an e-mail virus scanner to scan all incoming mail for viruses. We still recommend installing an anti-virus program on your PC to prevent infection from other sources than e-mail.

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Will anyone read my e-mail during the spam control process?

No. SBD spam control is an automated controling solution that does not require anyone to read or monitor your e-mail. It scans your e-mail for key words and phrases and tags spam before it reaches your mailbox.

Will the spam control affect the speed of my e-mail performance?

SBD spam control is a high performance solution that will not slow down the time it takes to receive or deliver your e-mail.

How do I turn spam control on?

spam control is provided to all SBD dial-up and high speed Internet service customers automatically. You don’t need to activate or download anything.

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How do I know that the spam control is working?

You will begin to see the tag -= spam Detected by SBD =- inserted into the subject line of new spam e-mail. Tagged messages will also contain a complete report on the rules used to evaluate the message. Click here for an example

Will spam control detect all of my spam?

Although the service will detect the majority of your spam e-mail, there will be cases where spam e-mail may not be detected. This is usually because the spammers have created and used a new format for which detection rules have not yet been set up. The spam control system is updated frequently to compensate for this problem.

Will spam control delete any of my legitimate e-mail?

SBD spam control is extremely accurate and provides industry-leading results. If you find that legitimate e-mail is being incorrectly identified as spam, we provide a white list option to allow you to add the email addresses of friends and associates so their messages are never tagged as spam.

How do I turn it off?

You can turn spam control off by logging in to the control panel. Once turned off, you will continue to receive all your e-mails as usual.

Note: We do not recommend that you turn off our spam filter unless you have one of your own.  You may want to consider setting the spam level to Low instead of turning it off completely.