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Windows 2000 Dial Up Settings

For Windows 2000, open ‘My Computer’, then ‘Control Panel’, and finally open ‘Network and Dial Up Connections’.

Next double click on the ‘Make New Connection’ icon.

1. Welcome to the New Connection Wizard. Click Next.
2. Check ‘Dial-up to the Internet’. Click Next.
3. Check ‘I want to set up my connection manually…’. Click Next.
4. Check ‘I connect using a phone-line and modem’. Click Next.
5. On the ‘Step 1 of 3: Internet account connection information’ screen, enter one of:

Dial-up phone number: 1-800-553-1802
Uncheck the ‘Dial using the area code and country code’ box.
Click Next.

6. On the ‘Step 2 of 3: Internet account logon information’ screen, enter:

** Username:
Password: ********

** Enter your username here, not the word username

Please note, that if you have a email address, you can continue to use it, you do not have to change your email address.

7. On the ‘Step 3 of 3: Configuring your computer’ screen, enter ‘SBD’ in the ‘Connection Name’ box. Click Next.
8. On the ‘Set up Your Internet Mail Account’ screen, check the ‘No’ box. Then click Next.
9. On the ‘Completing the Internet Connection Wizard’ screen, click on Finish.

You’re done, and should now be able to connect to the Internet. To add a shortcut to the SBD connection to your Desktop, right click on the SBD icon in the ‘Network and Dial-up Connections’ window, and choose Create Shortcut.

Once you’ve successfully connected with SBD, right click on the ‘Net Idea’ icon and choose Delete. This will prevent confusion later on.