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Windows XP Dial Up Settings

To set up your dial up settings on Windows XP, you’ll need to follow these simple steps.

First, open the “New Connection Wizard”. Click on Start, choose ‘Connect To’, then click ‘Show All Connections’. Click on ‘New Connection Wizard’.

If you can’t find it there, Click on Start, choose ‘All Programs’, then ‘Accessories’, then ‘Communications’, click on ‘New Connection Wizard’ .

  1. Welcome to the New Connection Wizard. Click Next.
  2. Check ‘Connect to the Internet’. Click Next.
  3. Check ‘Set up my connection manually’. Click Next.
  4. Check ‘Connect using a dial-up modem’. Click Next.
  5. Enter “SBD” in the ‘ISP Name’ box. Click Next.
  6. On the ‘Phone Number to dial’ screen, enter: ( View Screen )
    Dial-up phone number: 1-800-553-1802
    Click Next.
  7. On the ‘Internet Account Information’ screen, enter: ( View Screen )
    Password: ********
    Confirm Password: ********

    Click Next.

  8. Check the ‘Add a shortcut … to my desktop’ box. Click Finish.