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High Speed Internet – Plans & Prices

Our high speed internet plans are simple with no guess work required. There’s a plan for home, and a plan for businesses. Our support staff are dedicated to helping you make sense of the internet, and have years of experience.

Call 1-877-373-6121 to order.

British Columbia / Alberta Rates
Plan Features ADSL for Home ADSL for Business 1
Download Speed 2
Up to 6.0 Mbps
Up to 6.0 Mbps
Upload Speed
1.0 Mbps
1.0 Mbps
E-mail accounts
E-mail anti-virus protection
Yes Yes
E-mail anti-spam protection
Yes Yes
Web e-mail access
Yes Yes
Priority Support
No Yes
E-mail storage per account
100 MB
100 MB
External modem purchase 3
Activation Fee
Price per month

1 If you pay for a business line with the telephone company, this is the plan for you. A home based business will usually qualify for the residential rate.
2 Line quality and distance affect the maximum speed of your connection.
3 Modems may be rented for $4/month.

Dry Loop Service

If you don’t have a phone number, you can still get service. There are some additional fees added on to the table above to get an “Internet Only” phone line, as follows:

Activation Fee – Home $40 $40
Activation Fee – Business $70 $70
Rate Band A $5.50/mo $5.50/mo
Rate Band B, C, & D $10.00/mo $10.00/mo
Rate Band E $20.00/mo $15.00/mo
Rate Band F $20.00/mo $15.00/mo
Rate Band G $20.00/mo $20.00/mo

The “Rate Band” is specific to your area and can be determined at the time of ordering. Most communities we serve qualify under the $10/month rate band.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Prices do not include GST.