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Press Release – Introducing Secure By Design

November 27, 2008

New Internet Provider makes Security a priority

Secure By Design Technology Inc, is not your ordinary ISP. The company’s goal is to provide quality Internet services with a focus on Customer Security. “The Internet is a powerful communications medium but is also one that can create security breaches for home and business networks.” says Kirk Ismay. “Unprotected wireless networks are everywhere. We will offer services to help customers to lock them up and secure their personal information.”

A new company in the region, Secure By Design is owned and operated by one of the Kootenay’s premier network security experts, Kirk Ismay, formerly of Net Idea: “We know there is a need for a local Internet provider and want to offer something better while giving our customers peace of mind regarding their Internet connection.” In addition to security services, Secure By Design offers secured service for all of its email, as well as several layers of security for business clients’ web sites. The value of the data being transferred over the Internet is priceless. Most hosting providers and ISP’s offer open servers for ease of use. Secure By Design is different. With a stronger focus on security, customers can rest assured their data is safe.

With the void left by one of Canada’s longest running independent ISP’s, Net Idea, Secure By Design hopes to keep previous Net Idea customers happy under this new company as well as attract those customers who are interested in their own data security needs. In fact, Secure By Design is committed to providing the same quality, and personal service you have come to depend on.

For more information, contact Kirk Ismay at 877-373-6121

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