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Net Idea Migration: Frequently Asked Questions

Why such short notice?

There wasn’t any other option. SBD was created on November 20th, and we’ve pretty much been working around the clock to ensure the Kootenays would continue to have a choice for Internet Service.

Will I get to keep my address? Webmail?

Yes! I’ve had my address for 12 years, and I want to keep it too!  The existing webmail page at will continue to work. There will be a customized SBD webmail soon too.

Will I have to pay more?

I plan to keep rates the same for all Net Idea customers.

How do I pay my bill?

At this time, we can take cash and cheques made out to “Secure by Design”. Look at your next bill for other payment options. We’re still waiting for the new POS terminal to arrive.

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