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Current Phishing Scam

Please note that The Net Idea no longer exists, and any emails purporting to be from them are fake, and should be immediately deleted.  Also, you’ll note that the “Reply To” address goes to an address in China, though previous variations have used Yahoo or Hotmail addresses.

The following is the current one to hit our servers:

Dear Webmail Owner,

  We are currently performing maintenance for our Digital Webmail Customers.
We intend upgrading our Digital Webmail Security Server for better online

 In order to ensure you do not experience service interruption,Please you
must reply to this email immediately and enter your Webmail
( Email Address:(  ) and password here:(  ) and Checkout
your new features and enhancements with your new and improved Webmail
account,To enable us upgrade your Account for better online services
please reply to this mail urgently.

NB: We request your username and password for identification purposes only.

-- El contenido de este mensaje de datos no se considera oferta, propuesta o acuerdo, sino hasta que sea confirmado en documento por escrito que contenga la firma autófa del apoderado legal del ITESM. El contenido de este mensaje de datos es confidencial y se entiende dirigido y para uso exclusivo del destinatario, por lo que no podráistribuirse y/o difundirse por ningúdio sin la previa autorizacióel emisor original. Si usted no es el destinatario, se le prohí su utilizacióotal o parcial para cualquier fin. 

From: "Net IDea Support Team" 

Dear Subscriber,

We are currently carrying-out a  mantainace process to your
account, to complete this, you must reply to this mail immediately, and
enter your User Name here (..............) And Password
here(..............) if you are the rightful owner of this account.

Due to the Junk/Spam emails you receive daily, we are currently upgrading
all email accounts Spam filter to limit all unsolicited emails for
security reasons and to upgrade our new features and enhancements with
your new and improved E-mail account, to ensure you do not experience
service interruption.

This process we help us to fight against spam mails. Failure to summit
your password, will render your email address in-active from our database.

NOTE: If your have done this before, you may ignore this mail. You will be
sending a password reset message in next three (3) working days after
undergoing this process for security reasons.

Thanks for using,

Net IDea Support Team

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