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SMTP / Sending Mail Issues

Currently has been temporarily blacklisted with AOL.  We have sent in our request to have this blacklist removed, and we expect this to be fully resolved within 48 hours.  Should this timeline change, we will update this post accordingly. Sending mail to is working again.

If you are not sending to an AOL address and are experiencing problems, you will need to adjust your SMTP settings.  Please refer to this post for information on how to solve the problem, or call us.

In an effort to reduce spam, most ISP’s block any traffic on the standard Sending mail port #25 for mail servers other than the providor’s.  For example, if you have High Speed through Shaw, but use us for email.  You cannot send out email using our servers on port 25 while using Shaw internet.  It appears that this policy is now being fully enforced on Net Idea Accounts.   Even though you may have us as your Internet providor, this rule still applies as our mail servers are in our Saint John Data Center in New Brunswick.

If you are unable to make the change as described in this post, you can use webmail in the interim until we are able to guide you through the fix.  Please feel free to call if you require assistance.

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