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Another Phishing Scam – Do not click the link!

Email from The Net Idea   Subject: Very Important Message For You..

Dear webmail user

It was noticed that you have exceeded your Email Quota Limit of 450 MB and you need to expand your quota.  In less than 48hours to aviod lossing your email account.

To expand your email quota limit use email quota link below and update your email account.

{link Redacted}

Thank you for your understanding.

This email and all like it are to be deleted immediately.  The Net Idea no longer exists, and Secure by Design does not deal with sensitive account information in this fashion.  We will ALWAYS call you over the phone.  If you clicked on the link, please call us at 1-877-373-6121 as soon as possible.  We are monitoring, and will suspend any compromised accounts.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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