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New High Speed Pricing – Effective May 1st

Prices to Increase – Starting May 1st

After recent petitions for price increases and rulings (CRTC 2011-703 & CRTC 2011-704) between the CRTC, (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) and incumbent telecom carriers, our suppliers have in turn increased our rates by an average of 8% for ADSL services, effective May 1st, 2012. We only received notice of the new rates Tuesday morning ourselves, so we do apologize for the short notice.

Download Speeds Will Double

All legacy speeds 1.5Mbps, 2.5Mbps, 3.0Mbps, 4.0Mbps will be aggregated into a “Up to 6.0Mbps” rate, as a result our old plans no longer exist.  Customers on our old 6.0Mbps plan ($60/month) will be shifted over to one of the new plans, so those customers will save money.

New Separate Pricing for Businesses

Under the new rate shedule, our service plans will now be classified by Residential and Business 1, with the new high speed internet plans as follows:

  • Residential ADSL: $40/month
  • Business ADSL: $55/month

Customers billed monthly will see the increase on their next bill. All qualifying customers2 are being upgraded automatically from 3.0mbps to 6.0mbps, doubling your download speed.  Business customers that get upgraded to the 6.0mbps speed, will now be charged the higher rate, starting in May. We will also be phoning affected business to explain the new plans and answer any questions.

We appreciate your understanding with regard to this new price increase and thank you for your continued business.

1. Customers paying for a business line with the phone company.
2. Customers having a phone line that is able to support the faster connection.

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