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Overnight Network Outage

We experienced a network outage from approximately 13:30 April 22nd, to 06:00 Monday April 23rd. Even though our systems were online and working, they were no longer connected to the Internet.

I reported the problem promptly to the data center provider, and they assured me that they were already working on it. At this time I have no information as to the causes of the outage. For a while last night, I did have 2 out of 4 systems still online, unfortunately most of the critical functions were on the other two. I was able to get dial-up authentication working on one of the other systems, but it too was affected by the network glitch later on.

I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience. I will be looking at options to prevent this sort of problem from happening again this coming week.

Update – Monday 4:30PM

The problem was traced to the unlikely failure of 3 out of 4 power supplies failing at once, which is very rare.

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