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* Five Steps for a Frustration Free Christmas

Posted on December 24th, 2012 by Kirk. Filed under Support.

Opening A Present

It’s that time of year and consumer electronics remain one of the more popular gifts. So we decided to provide you with these 5 tips to help make for a frustration free Christmas morning. If you’ve bought a new computer, smart phone, tablet, or game console for a Christmas gift before you wrap it:

Step 1 – Check it out

  • Open it carefully and make sure it works.
  • Make sure its charged up or has fresh batteries.
  • Wireless game controllers may have a rechargeable battery or require standard AA or AAA batteries.

Step 2 – Get it Working

  • Read over the Quick Start guide or other instructions, or find a YouTube video on how to run it.
  • Set it up on your WiFi or home network.
  • Ensure it can get on the internet.

Step 3 – Lock it Down

  • Install any system updates (the new Wii and other game consoles need this too!).
  • For Windows PC’s, install an anti-virus product.

Step 4 – Make it Yours

  • Install any “must have” software or games, for example, you might need to reinstall games or software from your old computer using the original CD or DVD.
  • Use the “Windows Easy Transfer” or Macintosh “Migration Assitant” tool to copy over data from your old computer.
  • Set up custom desktop wallpaper (window, maybe you have a photo with Santa that could work?

Step 5 – Wrap It Up

Carefully repackage it and wrap it up!


Here’s a play list of helpful YouTube videos for each of the above tips. There are videos for both Windows and Mac users, if a video doesn’t apply to you, just skip it.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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* New ‘MACDefender’ Malware Threat for Mac OS X

Posted on May 5th, 2011 by Kirk. Filed under Security Alerts.

There is a malware (malicious software) threat that can affect all Mac OS X systems.  Users running with Administrator level accounts with Safari set to open safe files automatically are particularly at risk.  This program pretends to be an AntiVirus program for Mac OS, but isn’t really.  If you see this on your screen, close it immediately:

MacDefender Malware Screenshot

Those responsible for spreading the malware are exploiting users’ interest in late breaking news about Bin Laden’s death, however, other avenues are possible.

For more information see the following bulletins:

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* E-mail Spam Setup for Mail on Mac OSX

Posted on April 15th, 2011 by Kirk. Filed under .


These easy-to-follow instructions will help you create a spam folder to automatically move and store your spam for the Mail e-mail client on Mac OSX. Note that the preferences screen may vary slightly in different versions of Mac OSX.

1. Open Mail.

2. Click on Mailbox.

3. Click on New Mailbox. Create a mailbox called Spam.

4. Now, click on Mail.

5. Click on Preferences.

6. Click on Rules.

7. Click on Create Rule.

8. You now have to make the rule. For the Description, call it Spam Messages. In the Criteria section, enter Spam Detected by the SBD. Set Transfer to mailbox: Spam. Uncheck the bottom two checkboxes, unless you want the Spam forwarded or deleted automatically.

9. You’re done! Spam Detected by the SBD will now go into your Spam Mailbox.


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